News from the Front


You've arrived at MelonLand! This is a web project and online arts community that celebrates homepages, virtual worlds, the world-wide-web and the digital lives that all netizins share, here at the dawn of the digital age.

This project has three goals:
  • To make the web; genuine, chaotic, timeless, individual and joyful
  • To provide knowledge and support to humans creating digital worlds
  • To promote websites and digital worlds as mediums of visual art

MelonLand is part of a wider movement sometimes called the web revival; to join, all you need to do is choose to engage with small handmade web projects next time you're online!

Who runs this?

I'm Daniel (aka Melon); an Irish visual artist; I started the melon project in 2007 and later revived it in 2016.
Initially I was inspired because I found the modern web boring; there's something we've all lost in the rush to monetise and simplify our digital lives, an essence of feeling and chaos and hope.
You can read my web manifesto here; the web is the most important construction in human history, we cannot let it lose its human touch.