MelonLand Surf Club

You are standing on hot crystal beach surrounded by mist, a moose approaches you holding an icy drink!

"Far out doooode.. This is a webring for people interested in making righteous homepages! Its part of the MelonLand project (whatever that is)!!" the moose runs off to play volleyball.

Wanna join too? Just include your homepage on your forum profile!

Looking for more info, visit the FAQ :^]


Pick a colour and copy your code!

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☆tv static☆


RiNet - Rina on the int...

I'm a nerd and a dumbass cat. Welcome to my slice of cyberspace

now entering... CATBYTE...

Numbers Story

A world about gods, horses, and love. Or something like that.


Diffy's Landing

Benjamin Terry's Home P...

The Home Page of Benjamin R. Terry

Roselle's World


hellokittyminigun ₊˚⊹♡

the sugary sweet site of cyd!! i like long URLs, can you tell?

Icey's on da netttt!!

This is Icelogist's website!

a zorua's personal plan...

corvidae's personal website!


Waking up ・゚✧



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MatchaPrika Club

Page d'accueil du MatchaPrika club, un site internet personnel parlant d'un peu tout et n'importe quoi ! Comic-books, Livres Dont Vous Êtes Le Héros, Synthwave et Doll sont au programme...

elite784's 50GB of inte...

SorcerEthan's Website



welcome xoxo

Kallistero's Project Cy

A visual Web forge, set in a frontier layer of cyberspace.


Dreamer and OC lover!

An Online Stranger's Ho...

On the internet, no one knows you're secretly a cat!


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home |

rock operatic science fantasy (and more) by Matthew Graybosch

darreninthenet's profil...

darreninthenet's profile page


zeroten's page

The Town of Klopnis

Waiting Area...

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.::f r 3 a k z 0 n e::.

Mira's Ball Pit

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